Ballet Opera


‘Magdalene’ a ballet opera (2011)

‘Magdalene’, an opera ballet composed by Chloé Charody in collaboration with Malcolm Rock (libretto) and Remi Wortmeyer (choreography), tells the story of two soldiers on Calvary, at the foot of the cross, competing for the affections of the grieving Mary Magdalene.The ballet-opera was premiered 27th March 2011 by The Dutch National Ballet at The Muziektheatre in Amsterdam, with it’s screen debut at The International Cindeans Film Festival in Amsterdam in 2011. Magdalene


Image: ‘Magdalene’ premiere at The Muziketheatre, Amsterdam by the Dutch National Ballet, May 2011'Magdalene' premiere with the Dutch National Ballet, May 2011 Image: Violinist Sonja Schebeck and composer Chloé Charody
in rehearsal at The Dutch National Ballet studios, May 2011
Magdalene (15) photo by TychoHupperets-2



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‘The Meadows’ (2013)


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