Violin duets

‘The Muthafukaz’ (2008)

Duration | 4:14
Difficulty | Professional
Instrumentation | Violin duet
Arrangements | Arr. for string orchestra, string quartet, string octet and violin duet

‘The Muthafukaz’ was composed by Charody in 2010.  The work was inspired by the great energy delivered by violinists Nigel Kennedy and Sonja Schebeck whilst playing onstage together.  The Muthafukaz was premiered in 2010 by violinists Sonja Schebeck and Victoria Jacono.  The work was later arranged in 2012 for string orchestra and will be premiered by the Vienna-based acrobatic/classical string orchestra ‘The Freestyle Orchestra’ at the ‘Les Jardins Musicaux Festival’ in Switzerland on August 22, 2017.


Image | Chloé Charody composing ‘Muthafukaz’ in 2010

Chloé Charody composing 'Muthafukaz' (2010)

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