Violin caprices

‘The Phoenix’ (2010)

Duration: 5″ (approx)
Difficulty: professional
Instrumentation: solo violin

Charody composed ‘The Phoenix’ violin caprice in 2010 as a stand alone work for violin virtuoso Sonja Schebeck.  The work first debuted in May 2012 at The Musikverein in Vienna, Austria where it was met with critical acclaim from audiences and press across Vienna.

The work has since gone on to feature in Charody’s circus opera ‘The Carnival’ (act 1, scene 6) which has played throughout Australia, Europe and The United Kingdom (including two seasons on London’s West End).

In 2016 the work was turned into a ballet for The Dutch National Ballet by dancer / choreographer Remi Wortmeyer.

(The life of this caprice doesn’t end there!) ‘The Phoenix’ will go on to feature as the third movement in Charody’s concerto for aerial violinist/fire performer and acrobatic orchestra which Charody will complete by the end of 2017.

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Image: Sonja Schebeck performing ‘The Phoenix’ (caprice) at the the Musikverein, Vienna in May 2012.


Images: Sonja Schebeck performing ‘The Phoenix’ (caprice) in Charody’s ‘The Carnival a circus opera’ | Hamburg 2013

Images: Violinist Sonja Schebeck and dancer Joey Masserelli performing ‘The Phoenix’ choreographed by Remi Wortmeyer, presented in 2014 by The Dutch National Ballet

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