‘Variations on an Epitaph’

INSTRUMENTATION | Violin and piano
DURATION | 6’22 (approx.)

‘Variations on an Epitaph’ was composed in September of 2007 following the death of a young family friend. The work has since gone on to feature in Charody’s circus opera ‘The Carnival’ (Act 2, Scene 7).

‘Variations on an Epitaph’ is one of Charody’s most prominent works to date having been performed throughout Europe, Australia and the UK. The work has had several commercial releases including ‘Music for the Journey Home’ (ABC Classics) and ‘Homage’ (MGM).

‘Variations on an Epitaph’ was premiered by violinist Sonja Schebeck and pianist Ambre Hammond on ‘The Divine Romantics’ tour by Charody’s ensemble ‘Ilythian’ in 2008.



Commercial releases

Released by MGM (2013)
'Homage' by Chloé Charody
Released by ABC Classics (2014)
Music For The Journey Home


Images: Violinist Sonja Schebeck, pianist Lisa Chou and aerialists Sarah Lindermayer & Antonia Modersohn performing ‘Variations on an Epitaph’ in Charody’s ‘The Carnival a circus opera’ | Hamburg 2013

Images: Violinist Sonja Schebeck, pianist Van-anh Nyugen and aerialists Juliette Creanor and Kara Bissett performing ‘Variations on an Epitaph’ in Charody’s ‘The Carnival a circus opera’ | Sydney 2017 | photography by AJF Photography

The score is available in Australia via the Australian Music Centre: http://www.australianmusiccentre.com.au/workversion/charody-chloe-variations-on-an-epitaph/26908 or is available for loan from the National Library of Australia.

To purchase the sheet music outside of Australia or for all licensing enquires, please contact Selina Paetz @ Rolf Budde Musikverlag GmbH, Berlin Germany.

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